Oromia News Network (ONN)
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Fridley, MN  55432

 Video Editor / Videographer Internship


Job Type: Video Editor/camera person Internship

Job Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Report to: Site Manager


Description: ONN is offering immediate opportunity for a highly motivated individual for an internship. Candidate must be sharp, creative, have an open mind to the world of Video Production / Post-Production, be willing to work in a group environment, take direction from others and, above all, have a strong work ethic. This position is an opportunity to gain hands on work experience, show that they can perform in the role they are given.

A talented and creative camera operator/video editor should be able to learn and approach projects with the vision of the producer and director. We are looking for someone that would like to learn how to help tell compelling stories through video. Successful candidates will thrive on challenge, flourish in a dynamic environment and excel at producing professional-quality videos for an array of media formats. We provide hi def. cameras, professional lighting and sound equipment, and other tools for the candidate to learn on.

Candidate should have a working knowledge or be in school for Multimedia Production, or of similar degree. You must have excellent communication skills, be self-motivated, professional and able to work with a creative team and clients on a daily basis.

ü  Learning Outcomes: Assist Team Lead in pre-production, production, along with contributing creative skills in post-production.

ü  The intern will be able to collaborate with marketing, graphics, and video/media departments, and learn how to keep a project's messaging consistent through workplace communication.

ü  Training: Candidate will be present in weekly creative meetings and will be encouraged to contribute during the creative process. And job shadow team members in the media/video production department from start to finish on projects.

ü  Candidate will have access to all creative tools, programs, applications available within the company.

Description of Tasks:

  • Knowledge in operating a variety of camera setups, and audio equipment.
  • Strong knowledge in the video editing process
  • Strong knowledge utilizing popular post-production applications such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere and similar programs
  • Practicing digital video post-production skills (motion graphics, etc.)
  • Proactive problem solving, both technically and creatively, with constant attention to process improvement
  • Calm under pressure with the ability to maintain productivity under changing deadlines
  • Superior project management and time management skills, possess excellent organizational and planning skills and  wide degree of creativity and latitude

Send letter of interest to: Attn. DR. Fuad Abdulla

                                             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Selected Videos

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