Oromia News Network (ONN)
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Fridley, MN  55432

Job Announcement

TITLE:                        Video editor and camera person

REPORTS TO:                    Manager

LOCATION:                        Minneapolis Minnesota

DESCRIPTION:  ONN is looking for an experienced video editor and a camera man for its studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Applicant should be a jack of all trades, with the ability to film and edit (both video and audio). Primary responsibilities are lighting and filming interviews, and public appearances; then editing footage into web content.


  • Work closely with team members to develop concepts, planning events, and video web content
  • Lead camera operator on video productions
  • Operate solo on location to light, film and record audio
  • Edit content filmed; manage and maintain video library

Skill Requirements:

  • At least 2 year in filming & editing video content or commensurate experience
  • Knowledge in operating a variety of camera setups, and audio equipment.
  • Strong knowledge in the video editing process
  • Professional on-set demeanor
  • Experience with professional cameras, audio & basic lighting equipment; Ability to operate all production equipment solo
  • Good sense of lighting and shot composition
  • Ability to take direction & work in a fast paced environment


  • Minimum one year of experience with editing software (Adobe Premiere)
  • Experience mixing audio
  • Experience with graphics (After Effects) and experience mixing sound
  • Experience with developing video content for the web

Salary & Benefits:

  • Production Equipment will be provided.
  • This is a part time(up to 25 hrs./week) position and will require nights and weekends
  • Travel will be expected, all travel expenses will be covered

Send resumes to: Attn. Dr. Fuad Abdulla

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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