Press Statement by Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) Executives
March 08, 2017

Since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF’s) came to power in 1991, it has superficially appeared to be serious aboutdefending the rights of historically subjugated nations and peoples of Ethiopia. To justify its false appearances, thereby, deceive its

subjects and the international audiences, it uses the only media controlled and monitored by it, where it disseminates erroneous and misleading propaganda day and night. Contrary to the former, TPLF has proved that it has got a calculated plan of dehumanizing and subjugating of its subjects. To be able to achieve its heinous objectives, TPLF has also created surrogate organizations of nations and peoples known as (PDO’s) by totally concealing its true nature. One of the key reasons for creating puppet PDOs is to infiltrate deep into the affairs and wealth of all nations and peoples of Ethiopia using these handpicked, controlled and often unquestioning living objects. Therefore, the TPLF’s true nature and ultimate dream is the creation of ‘greatest Tigray’. This dream remains its unshakable belief; the reason why it remains methodically building its financial, economic, military and security muscles. With this aim, TPLF in Tigray region has already built, the necessary infra-structures, business, education and financial institutions, only comparable to a setup of sovereign country. The TPLF’s plan of ruling of the entire Ethiopia, concealing its ultimate objective of making Tigray ‘the greatest and ultimately independent’ by exploiting the resources and wealth of over 94% peoples’ of Ethiopia, is becoming obvious than ever.

Such exploitation and looting of the resources of the entire country continued unabated ever since it has assumed power by militarily toppling its predecessor in 1991. For the last 25 years, the regime controls every step of all nations and peoples’ life whilst enriching its region, politicians and generals. The subjects in the contrary became simple objects who have no rights over their own affairs. In stark contrast with its region, the life of the peoples of the county has changed for worst. The stakeholders are often berated and viciously treated by the regime for their being who they are and their political and religious views and beliefs. In this aspect, the Oromo nation becomes target number one while the Ogaden Somali, Amhara, Gambella, Benshangul, Konso, Sidama and the rest are following.

Since its inception, TPLF/EPRDF’s dictatorial regime has monopolized ultimate political power, accumulated unprecedented amount of asset by looting the resources of the entire country, whilst embarking on a project of divide and conquer by instigating unnecessary conflicts and war between various oppressed nations and peoples. Whilst the subjects fight with each other, the regime exploits the entire wealth of the country for its sole benefits. Sowing psychological fear and terror on people’s psyche, the regime assures the complete subservience of the subjects. It has also time and again demonstrated its incompetence and inconsistence with its own constitution which vehemently rejects its malicious actions against the subjects, when it blatantly violates it. Doing so has further proved its inaptness to represent the interests of all nations and peoples of the country. Its expertise in cheating, deceiving, stealing and brutalizing its subjects at an unprecedented scale since it has assumed power, also denies it a moral ground to remain in power. The people of various regions, zones and districts have been displaced from their lands, and left destitute to vacate it for TPLF’s general and international investors, whose symbiotic relationships with the regime is a mandatory.

During its reign of last 25 years, TPLF’s regime remained instigating conflict after conflicts in various regions and zones with the objective of diverting the attention of its subjects from its malicious acts. When it wishes, it sows the seeds of conflict and hatred between two or three sisterly nations whose peoples have peacefully coexisted with deep-rooted spirit of fraternity for centuries. Diametrically opposing to the former, the regime also pretends to intervene to appear to be a peace broker for the conflict it has deliberately and systematically masterminded. When people demand their constitutionally guaranteed rights, the regime extra judiciary executes thousands of civilians and imprisons tens of thousands, as is the case in Oromia and the rest parts of the country as we speak.

Currently, the TPLF’s regime is terrorizing all citizens with unprecedented proportion of intensity under the ‘State of Emergency’ imposed in October 2016. To quell the Oromo and Amhara revolutions that began in November 2015 in Oromia and August 2016 in Amhara region, the regime is hell bent on spilling the bloods of several thousands of Oromo, Ogaden Somali, Amhara, Sidama, Konso, Benshagul, Gambella and the rest regions and Zones civilians. As we speak, the Oromo people are barbarically slaughtered by TPLF armed and commanded ‘Somali Liyu Militia and its Agi-Azi killing machines’ day and night. TPLF’s agents massacre Oromo civilians deploying Liyu Police in Somali region; stretching from Borana Zone to Harar. The ongoing conflict is orchestrated by TPLF’s regime with the aim of mainly silencing the Oromo’s ongoing revolution. By doing so, TPLF erroneously believes that it may be able to derail the dream and aspirations of the Oromo and the other oppressed nations by setting them up against one another. However, the Oromo nation shown its determination on fact that, it won’t surrender its fight for freedom and self-determination to the last drop of blood, with likeminded oppressed nations and peoples including Ogaden Somali nation.

PAFD strongly believes that the Oromo nation as well as Ogadenia, Konso, Gambella, Sidama, Afar, Benshangul-Gumuz, Amhara and other oppressed nations of the country are determined to liberate themselves from brutal TPLF’s regime now more than ever before. PAFD also believes that popular demand cannot be easily silenced by the power of weapon and draconian State of Emergency laws that is literally terrorizing all peoples of the country. In the past 16 months alone, the TPLF/EPRDF regime has executed between 1,500 to 1,700 Oromo civilians and unlawfully arrested between 150,000 and 160.000 who have demanded their constitutional rights in Oromia alone. The Amhara people are also similarity targeted as are in Ogaden, Konso, Gambella, Benshangul, Sidama and elsewhere. Under this regime, indistinguishably, children and elderly, women and men alike have been increasingly subjected to ongoing massacre and state terrorism.

The ongoing massacre of the Oromo people by Liyu Police in Somali region, trained, armed and commanded by TPLF generals is wholly deplorable. PAFD demands the TPLF’s regime to unconditionally stop its’ barbarism to the Oromo nation in particular to the rest nations and peoples of the country in general and immediately step down from power. The Oromo and Ogaden Somali nations fully understand the vicious attempts by the TPLF to divide and sow seeds of conflict between them. Therefore, both sisterly nations must foil the TPLF’s heinous plot and stand together in denouncing its criminal acts. Both sisterly nations as well as the rest oppressed peoples must be able to practically show the regime that it can’t ‘divide and conquer them’ by standing shoulder to shoulder more than ever until they get rid of it. The Oromo and Ogadeni Somali nations must focus on targeting the regime which has denied them both, their dignity, identity and pride.

PAFD also urges the Liyu Police in Somali region and OPDO’s to wholly reject the TPLF and its sinister agenda of sowing seeds of belligerence between the two sisterly nations to prolong its rule. The PAFD also calls up on all the oppressed nations and the entire peoples in Ethiopia, to stand in unison to denounce the TPLF fascism and expropriation of the wealth of the country to eventually build its own empire. We further call upon all peoples of the country to forge a united front for freedom, democracy and genuine self-rule; which materializes only after removing the regime with our united struggle, whose navigational compass is rightly at the hand of the PAFD.

Finally, we call upon the international community, in particular, international organizations such as the UN and West’s politicians, to unconditionally stop sponsoring the massacre and subjugation of the peoples of the country.

Justice and Freedom for The Oppressed Peoples Of Ethiopia!

PAFD, Executive Committee, March 8, 2017

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