What is ONN?

Oromia News Network (ONN) is an independent media organization registered in the United States and focusing on the Oromo people and their country Oromia.

Who are the Oromo people?

The Oromo people are the largest national group of the Horn of Africa inhabiting mainly in Ethiopia but also found in northern Kenya and Somalia. In Ethiopia alone, the Oromo people constitute between 40% to 50% current estimated population of 100 million. Oromos speak Afaan Oromoo (the Oromo language) as a mother tongue, which is part of the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family. Despite their large number, the Oromos remained marginalized by the successive Ethiopian regimes and their language suppressed. 

Why ONN? 

Although the Oromo people are the largest national group in the Horn, they remain politically marginalized, culturally and socially suppressed, and economically exploited. Their language Afaan Oromoo is generally neglected from free and independent media. The government controls all media in the country. There is no single newspaper in Afaan Oromoo (Oromo Language) in or outside of Ethiopia. The only radio and TV channels that operate in the country are those owned and controlled by the regime.

To this end, ONN is established for two purposes. 1. To educate Oromo and the general public about the social, economic, and political life of the Oromo people. 2. To expose the human rights violations and atrocities perpetrated on the Oromo people and other oppressed peoples of the region by the current Ethiopian regime.






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